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PC Servicing

PC servicing can bring a new lease of life to your laptop or desktop PC - fixing errors, removing pop-ups and bringing the speed back to what it used to be!

What's involved?

Unlike 'servicing' from many other companies we do a proper job! We'll wipe all data from your hard drive, test the hardware and re-install Windows including all the available updates for your Windows version.

A full service is usually the best option but if your laptop just needs a bit of a tidy, we can do a basic health check without the need to re-install everything.

What about my data?

We can backup your data to our secure storage server while we perform the service then restore it back to your machine. During this process your data is checked for any virus infections and malware.

What about my software?

We will install the common 'every day' free software apps such as Adobe Reader but any software you've purchased such as Microsoft Office we'll need either the original install disc or login details. If you're not sure about a specific app, just ask and we'll let you know what will happen to it.

How much does it cost?

  In-store Collect & return
Basic health check and tidy £20.00 £60.00
Standard PC service £45.00 £85.00
PC service with data backup & restore £60.00 £99.00

Prices include VAT. Collect and return price includes up to 20 miles from Malton. Further distance possible for an additional charge.

What do I need to bring?

For laptops, all-in-one units and tablets we just need the device along with it's power cable. For desktop PC's with a separate tower we need the tower unit only (not cables, keyboard, monitor etc).

Do I need to book?

Nope, at the moment we don't take bookings we just operate a queue so you can bring your computer in any time that suits you and we'll let you know when it's ready. Typical turn around time is 2-3 days but it can vary at busy times.

For collect and return services we'll book a specific appointment day and time with you to visit then arrange another once the work is done.